Living the Life of Luxury in London

London is a city full of luxurious cars, homes and people. Imagine sifting through London’s affluent streets in a car that shouts the highlife having people stop and stare. Some even may take pictures next to the car as it is just that impressive. However, you may feel an experience as great as this is out of your hands. Discover modern technology for automotives.

City Inter-RentWith City Inter-Rent this is made possible. They offer a luxury care hire suitable for any type of travel plans that you may have. You explore the city in a range of cars that you would only ever dream of experiencing, but this dream is finally coming true.

Aston Martin’s from £695

Live the highlife and drive the DB9 Volante or the Aston Martin DB9. Aston Martin’s are known as one of the most luxury cars in the entire market. They thrive in performance, class and power. These cars are excellent if you want to show off in front of your executive friends and show how much value you hold – a very impressive trait. Call City Inter-Rent on 020 7727 6969 to discuss your options further.

Ferrari car rental

Ferrari’s are packed with features to make any drive even more exciting, some features include a built in system entertainment, multiple speakers and electronic controls so you can control the lighting in and outside of the car. Click here to hire a Ferrari.

The Ferrari California is available for rent for £895 per day. The car has a powerful engine where it can reach 62 miles PH in just 3.4 seconds – now that’s what you call impressive! The interior design of this Ferrari has been expertly crafted and designed so you can have the ultimate driver experience.

Make a statement in a Porsche of your choice

Porches offer people sophistication, style and a ride like any other that they will ever experience. Choose between the Porsche Cayenne, MaCan S, 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman, Panamera S, Panamera 4S and Porsche 911.

Porsches are known around the world for its elegance, ingenuity and the evolving performance power, so if you wish to try an automotive vehicle with a never ending list of benefits, then a Porsche is the one for you.