Morden Technology For Automotive Vehicles

When it comes to building cars and automotive vehicles, there are many factors that need to be considered before the design and manufacturing of the product to ensure it is built to it’s highest potential.

With modern technologies and the accessibility to an array of materials, it means we can use the best, to ensure that automotive vehicles have high durability. Fibreglass is a material that is used a huge amount in this type of manufacturing.

Fibreglass has properties with amazing impact resistance and stability. It is lightweight and requires hardly any maintenance at all. Stuart Pease has been the creator of fibreglass automotive and transport products.

Below are options that need to be considered:


Specialising in the design, development, manufacture and qualification of advanced composite products CTG use a range of composite materials and processes to manufacture products ranging from glass reinforced polyester and epoxy composites, to advanced carbon fibre reinforced systems.

Design & Development

The cutting-edge design and development facilities include Finite Element Analysis, CAD, and composite analysis systems, to support a team of talented and dedicated development engineers.

This set up means they thrive on developing new, off-the-shelf products and bespoke products to meet individual customer requirements, often where close customer liaison is required.


Manufacturing facilities should be highly flexible, capable of producing components in a spectrum of quantities, from one-offs to runs of several thousand components therefore boosting production.

Testing & Inspection

In-house test and inspection facilities mean people are able to keep product development and qualification time and costs to a minimum, and give us total product and process knowledge.

Quality Management

All of these processes are supported by a flexible quality management scheme, meaning CTG provides its customers with total service and consistently high quality products.