Production of the Continental

The prototype, originally named the Corniche II, was completed on the 27th of August 1951. By the time production commenced in January of 1952 the name of the production cars had been changed to the Continental Sports Saloon. The designation R-Type Continental was only used after production has ceased to differentiate these cars from the subsequent S-1 Continental. In adition to the prototype, there were 207 Continentals made between the 14th of May 1952 and the 22nd of April 1955.

The Coachbuilders drawing of the Corniche II
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All original chassis numbers, except the prototype, were prefixed by the letters BC for Bentley Continental. They run consecutively, always omitting “13”, in five alphabetical series differentiated by the suffix letters- A, B, C, D, and E. The letter L inserted before the series letter indicates left-hand drive.