The Infamous Chassis

The Continental shared a common chassis frame and many suspension, steering and brake components with the MK-VI series and R-Type. These were assembled at the Rolls-Royce factory in Crewe. The completed Continental chassis were then shipped by rail to the Lillie Hall Depot in Earls Court London. There final rectification or modifications were made and the chassis were delivered to the coachbuilders by a special lorry. For the prototype 9B-VI and from BC-1-A to BC-20-C the riveted MK-VI chassis frame was used. From BC-21-C to BC-9-LE the all welded (T-Type) chassis frame was used.

All A series were listed on their build sheets as having a MK-VI chassis. The B series were listed from BC-1-B to BC-17-B as having a MK-VII chassis. The remaining B series, all the C, D and E series were listed from BC-18-B to BC-9LE as having an R-Type chassis, except for BC-24-B which was listed as having a MK-VII chassis.